[linux-dvb] How to get 2 TT3650-CI working

laasa laasa at server
Sun Jul 6 15:06:37 CEST 2008

First of all thanks to Dominik and Manu for the great work.

I want to get working two connected TT3650-CI. Under WinXP it will be 
running without problems on the same hardware, so the USB-ports should 
not be the problem.

Unter Linux with one connected TT3650 all is working succesfully. But 
with 2 connected TT3650 there are artefakts and dropouts on both cards 
after some seconds.
 I have try it under following conditions:

    * Ubuntu 7.10 and Ubuntu 8.04
    * actual multiproto-repository: http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto
    * patch from dominik:
    * special in line 1075 of modul pctv452e.c to get TT3650-CI work
      (set num_device_descs *= 2*, otherwise only TT3600 works).
    * a special patched MythTV 0.21 (wich works with 2 TT3200 succesfully)

I do my tests with mythTV on 2 different PCs with the same result. One 
one PC the cards running under WinXP without any problems.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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