[linux-dvb] Re : Re : How to get 2 TT3650-CI working

laasa laasa at server
Fri Jul 11 16:23:21 CEST 2008

> Talking about the patch from dominik: is it normal that the registers 
> settings are different than those from TT-3200 (in budget-ci.c)? I mean 
> it is the same chips (stb0899/stb6100), so is it possible to use those 
> settings directly with a TT 3200; I have reception problems for some 
> transponders, and a lot of other users also, so if those settings are 
> OK to try I guess that's something I am ready to do to improve things.
> Also I saw that the patch touches stb0899/6100 files in the frontends 
> dir, so my question: are these changes there to improve tuning also or 
> just related to the support of the other cards?
> Thx
> Bye
> Manu 

I have test this week the locking of my tt3650ci with the hg from the end of last wheek (7215) plus pctv452e-patch.
I cant see any locking problems but I have a very simple configuration (only one satelite: ASTRA 19,2°E, most channels on horizontal high-band).

Why the pctv452e-module use different settings for STB0899 and STB6100 I dont know, sorry.

When I compare the actual driver with the driver I have used the last months (version from february) I think the locking is much faster.

*But back to the problem in the headline:*
When anyone have the same problem with 2 or more TT3600 or TT3650CI hopefully the solution is to decrease the count of urb's (USB request block).
When I change in line 1058 of file pctv452e.c from ".count = 7;" to ".count = 4" it works for me.

Hopefully it helps other.

Best regards,

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