[linux-dvb] problems with multiproto & dvb-s2 with high SR, losing parts of stream

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Mon Jul 14 14:26:59 CEST 2008

> Im using TT S2-3200 with recent multiproto driver + vdr-1.7.0.
> These transponders aren't working properly:
> Hispasat, 30°West: 12012H, 30000, 8psk, (3/4 aus NIT)
> Hispasat, 30°West: 12052H, 30000, 8psk, (3/4 aus NIT)
> Hispasat, 30°West: 12092H, 30000, 8psk, (3/4 aus NIT)
> Thor, 0,8°West: 12015H, 30000, 3/4, 8PSK 
> Thor, 0,8°West: 12128H, 30000, 3/4, 8PSK
> first they didn't lock, but then I tried to change SR to 29998 and they did..
> BUT now part of the stream gets lost. VDRs internal channelsearch can't read tv channels from that transponder. When
> setting VPid manually I get a datarate of just 5 Mbit/s (instead of 12 Mbit/s).
> Are these transponders working for you?!?

it's known problem of stb0899 for high SR for dvb-s2
could you look at [linux-dvb] Re : Re : How to solve the TT-S2-3200 tuning problems?

for you information on vdr 170 + hvr4000 card (cx24116 demod with legacy=0 option) I could lock these channels

YLE Peking HD;Telenor:12015:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:30000:514:648=sve:0:0:4103:70:41:0
Eurosport HD;Telenor:12015:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:30000:512:641=sve,640=nor,642=dan,643=fin:0:0:4101:70:41:0
TV4 HD;Telenor:12130:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:30000:512:0;641=sve:0:B00:1405:70:42:0                                            │
Silver HD;Telenor:12130:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:30000:513:644=eng;645=eng:0:B00:4201:70:42:0
History Chnl HD;Telenor:12130:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:30000:514+8190:648=eng:0:B00:4202:70:42:0
CANAL+ SPORT HD;Telenor:11421:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:25000:514:648=sve,649=nor:0:B00:1404:70:14:0
SVT HD;Telenor:11421:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:25000:512:640=sve;641=sve:0:B00:3801:70:14:0
CANAL+ FILM HD;Telenor:11421:hC34M5O0S1:S60.0E:25000:513:644=eng;645=eng:0:B00:3306:70:14:0

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