[linux-dvb] TerraTec Cinergy C DVB-C PCI and the driver mantis

Philipp Kolmann philipp at kolmann.at
Mon Jul 21 23:15:38 CEST 2008

oscar perez wrote:
> Hi there!
> Is the latest driver mantis working fine for the card terratec cinergy 
> C DVB-C PCI. ??
> According to the linuxtv wiki it seems that the issue with scan 
> freezing is solved in the latest release..:
> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_C_DVB-C
> I am using kernel 2.6.24-19 with the latest mantis driver and I am 
> able to install the driver with modprobe. However, when I start 
> scanning for channels it freezes and I get the problem about "Slave 
> RACK fail".
> Anybody has got it? and more importantly. Any solution to this? :)

Yea, I get those as well. It just sits there for some seconds and there 
will be a few of these lines, but in the end the card works nice.


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