[linux-dvb] How to obtain an HVR-4000 in the U.S.?

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Wed Jul 23 20:05:13 CEST 2008

> I seem HVR-4000 very overrated. 

yes. it's true :)

>There is a lot of cx24116 cards in the modern 
> world. For example TeVii S650 & S460, Dvbworld 2104 & 2004C. 
> Currently S460 & S650 supported by me.
> http://liplianindvb.sourceforge.net/hg

great work !
with your drivers my hvr4000 works well too ,  I could receive the dbn-s streams with extremely high SR = 44950 from
Express AM2 


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