[linux-dvb] TerraTec Cinergy C DVB-C / Twinhan AD-CP400

Markus Schneider markus at beefcafe.de
Thu Jul 24 20:51:29 CEST 2008

Hello Marko,

I am also experiencing freezes that are caused by my TerraTec Cinergy
DVB-C. On my box this only happens during channel scanning, not when
viewing or switching channels. Still, it's quite annoying as scanning
crashes very often and I never managed to get a full channel list  :-( 

It's good to see that someone is working on the instabilities. I applied
you're patch, but unfortunately it didn't work for me  :-( 

Is there anything else that I can try? Do you have any ideas how to find
the reason for the crashes?

Best regards,

> > Here is a patch that implements the mentioned DMA transfer improvements.
> > I hope that these contain also the needed fix for you.
> > You can apply it into jusst.de/mantis Mercurial branch.
> > It modifies linux/drivers/media/dvb/mantis/mantis_dma.c only.
> > I have compiled the patch against
> >
> > cd mantis
> > patch -p1 < mantis_dma.c.aligned_dma_trs.patch
> >
> > Please tell us whether my patch helps you or not: if it helps, some of 
> > my patch might get into jusst.de as
> > a fix for your problem.
> >
> >
> >   

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