[linux-dvb] question about section command in dvbsnoop

loody miloody at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 09:21:19 CEST 2008

thanks for your help.
I can see the section information right now.

But I have one more question.
The option you tell me is used under ts mode.
If I remember correctly, the default mode which dvbsnoop operate is section.
And dvbsnoop should tell me the same section information under section
mode, just like the example webpage shows.

appreciate your help,

2008/7/25 Christophe Thommeret <hftom at free.fr>:
> Le Friday 25 July 2008 08:47:53 loody, vous avez écrit :
>> Dear all:
>> I try to get section information in my TS streams.
>> The commands I use are:
>> dvbsnoop.exe -n 1 -if F:\driver_source\TS_stream\mux1-cp.ts 0x00 >
>> PAT_0.log dvbsnoop.exe -n 1 -if F:\driver_source\TS_stream\Monza.trp 0x00 >
>> PAT_1.log
>> But after changing the command mode to TS, I can get what I need.
>> dvbsnoop.exe -s ts -N 1 -if F:\driver_source\TS_stream\mux1-cp.ts 0x00
>> > PAT_0_ts.log
>> dvbsnoop.exe -s ts -N 1 -if F:\driver_source\TS_stream\Monza.trp 0x00
>> > PAT_1_ts.log
>> Is there any option I should use but I forget?
> -tssubdecode
> --
> Christophe Thommeret

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