[linux-dvb] stb6100,stb0899 issues with TT-S2 3200

Markus Oliver Hahn markus.o.hahn at gmx.de
Fri Jul 25 11:11:12 CEST 2008

Hi there,  
getting the newest multiproto drivers with Mercurial. 
So I` trying to get  szap better working (I can`t get any S2 transponders ).
At the first step, I keep hanging on 'FE_GET_INFO': 
Infos capabilities returns only 

 --- schnipp ----
 fe name:  STB0899 Multistandard 
 type  is QPSK -> DVB-S 
 f min 950000 
 f max 2150000 
 f stepsize 0 
 f tolerance 0 
 symbol rate min  0 
 symbol rate max  0 
 symbol rate tolerance  0 

 frontend capabilities 0x1 

 --- schnapp ----

So there infos about symbol rate and capabilities very less. 
Howto enhance this in the kernel modules? 

regards moviemax 

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