[linux-dvb] Re : LinuxDVB for STi7109

Mark H mark1344 at hotmail.de
Fri Jun 13 18:27:17 CEST 2008

> Well if they run linux I dont see how they can provide a proprietary 
> implementation... I guess the shortest to get support on linux is to 
> ask them to release the source code!
I know there are many controversial discussions with respect to closed source
projects for Linux. The fact is that ST Microelectronics has implemented kernel
modules with a proprietary interface (STAPI) for the DVB and is not willing to
disclose the interface details to open source projects. On the other hand STM
provides STLinux distribution for boards based on STi7109 & Co. This distribution
contains open source drivers only the output part of the system (V4Land ALSA).

A copy of the chip datasheet is available on the web. Though, its legality is questionnable.

There have been some questions about the API two years ago so I was wondering
whether anybody has started working on an implementation.


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