[linux-dvb] Re : LinuxDVB for STi7109

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Fri Jun 13 19:11:31 CEST 2008

Mark H wrote:
>  > Well if they run linux I dont see how they can provide a proprietary
>  > implementation... I guess the shortest to get support on linux is to
>  > ask them to release the source code!
> I know there are many controversial discussions with respect to closed 
> source
> projects for Linux. The fact is that ST Microelectronics has implemented 
> kernel
> modules with a proprietary interface (STAPI) for the DVB and is not 
> willing to
> disclose the interface details to open source projects. On the other 
> hand STM
> provides STLinux distribution for boards based on STi7109 & Co. This 
> distribution
> contains open source drivers only the output part of the system (V4Land 
> ALSA).
> A copy of the chip datasheet is available on the web. Though, its 
> legality is questionnable.
> There have been some questions about the API two years ago so I was 
> wondering
> whether anybody has started working on an implementation.


Do ST have a public site that I can download the STi7109 Linux 
toolchain, tree and associated utils from?


- Steve

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