[linux-dvb] How to use a DVB FRONTEND in read only?

Claudio Luck cluck at ethz.ch
Sat Jun 14 17:59:03 CEST 2008

Andrea wrote:
>> Check for open filehandles on demux device:
>  ...
> I will try that, but it sounds to me a very non natural solution.

Everything is a file :)

> Should the dvb framework tell the clients if it is streaming or not? via
> an ioctl like FE_GET_INFO?

IMHO if we realize that any streaming happens through open file handles,
we also realize that there is no need for a custom query in Linux DVB
API for the same information (circumventing or reinventing user access
control). Query the Kernel about process information.

FE_GET_INFO is specific to the frontend, not the demux.

A design question might be raised through: should readonly demux file
handles stop streaming after the readwrite demux filehandle is closed?
This behavior is different compared to frontends remaining tuned even
after closing the controlling frontend file handles.

Best Regards

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