[linux-dvb] Firmware error for Asus MyCinema P7131H (NXP)

Francesco ml at punkrockworld.it
Tue Jun 17 16:51:06 CEST 2008

Francesco ha scritto:
> Hi,
>    I've a problem with new version of MyCinema 7131H, one with NXP chip 
> (saa7131E, tda10046A).
> On boot, system fail to load firmware for tda10046, showing a wrong 
> firmware revision number (normally 80, but sometimes other numbers).
> If I reboot (not shutdown & power up!), or if I unload all saa7134* 
> modules from memory and reload saa7134-dvb, firmware is loaded correctly 
> with revision 20...
> Note: I never had this problem with old Philips-brand Asus P7131H.
> thanks in advance,
> Francesco Ferrario
> IT Manager Chimera project
> www.chimeratv.it

After reading "unstable tda1004x firmware loading", I've found a little 
workaround (not a solution, but...) for this problem...

Simply adding "saa7134-dvb" to /etc/modules, make a successful firmware 
loading on boot.
(My system is an Ubuntu 7.10)

Francesco Ferrario
- Chimera project -
- www.chimeratv.it -

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