[linux-dvb] Bad firmware download link for TDA10046

CRicky cricky at dbmail.com
Sun Nov 2 20:30:27 CET 2008


I have a pinnacle PCTV PCI 310i, and after installing new linux, I 
wanted to download firmware TDA10045 and TDA10046. For the first, no 
issue, zip is donwloaded, and file is correctly extracted, but for 
TDA10046, I get a HTTP 404 error.
It seems that they changed the link to the file. So I have checked and 
found the new one:
(seen from http://www.technotrend.de/2755/Downloads.html)

So, in the get_dvb_firmware script, I have replaced (for TDA10046 
subroutine), the bad following link by the one I indicated above:

my $url = "http://technotrend-online.com/download/software/219/$sourcefile";
my $url = "http://technotrend.de/Dokumente/87/software/219/$sourcefile";

Sorry, I did not get it from CVS, so I did not make any patch.

Best regards,

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