[linux-dvb] [PATCH] s2liplianin: mb86a16.c fix

Hans Werner HWerner4 at gmx.de
Fri Nov 7 20:07:41 CET 2008

The compiler throws a warning in mb86a16.c.

Surely this change is needed to match the definition of .tune in struct dvb_frontend_ops
in dvb-core/dvb_frontend.h ?

Signed-off-by: Hans Werner <hwerner4 at gmx.de>

diff -r 98830467913d linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/mb86a16.c
--- a/linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/mb86a16.c
+++ b/linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/mb86a16.c
@@ -1676,7 +1676,7 @@ static int mb86a16_set_frontend(struct d
 static int mb86a16_set_frontend(struct dvb_frontend *fe,
                                struct dvb_frontend_parameters *p,
                                unsigned int mode_flags,
-                               int *delay,
+                               unsigned int *delay,
                                fe_status_t *status)
        int ret = 0;
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