[linux-dvb] [linuxtv][PATCH] Cinergy S Usb

Jürgen Brunenberg mail at JuergenBrunenberg.de
Sat Nov 8 19:19:53 CET 2008

hello together,
I although have the Cinergy S USB, and i mad some tests with the dw2102
driver. I patched the driver for the right VID/PID following the
description from Thorsten Leupold. With the result, TV works but the
remote control not. I made some further tests, then i extracted the
firmware from terratec. With this and a other keymap the rc works fine.
So, how to continue ? I just start working with Linux, and not know what
is the next step. Is it a good solution to integrate this in the
existing dw2102 driver from Igor Liplianin or is ist better to make a
new one based on Igor's ?   

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