[linux-dvb] Announcement: wiki merger and some loose ends

CityK cityk at rogers.com
Sun Nov 9 04:42:21 CET 2008

Hi Folks, sorry for the late reply. 

Re: merging the linux-dvb and video4linux-list

Hans Verkuil wrote:
> I'm very much in favor of having one v4l-dvb-user and one v4l-dvb-devel 
> list. I've always disliked it that there were separate lists. Certainly 
> the average user doesn't care whether his card is digital or analog or 
> both, so one user list is very much desired IMHO.
>> Either way, IMHO you can't go wrong with moving v4l-dvb-maintainer
>> to vger so if you agree I'd like to encourage you to go forward with
>> that.
> I agree as well. As far as I am concerned we should end up with two 
> lists on vger: v4l-dvb-user and v4l-dvb-devel. Should be a nice 
> improvement, certainly for the video4linux list which is still with 
> redhat.com and with hard to access archives.

In my original email, from early 2008, I mentioned creating a consistent
branding under the "LinuxTV" moniker.  Hans had replied to that (as he
did above), suggesting instead, to go with the "V4L-DVB" moniker.  And I
completely agree with this suggestion -- (see Hans ' original reply in
the other thread, as he outlined several key points as to why this is
better/more apt).  I am also in complete agreement to his above reply. 

So, to summarize my current opinion, I would like to Introduce a common
branding across the wiki's, m/l's, and #irc channels, using the
"V4L-DVB" moniker.  This would mean:

a) wiki:
the "V4L-DVB wiki", hosted on the LinuxTV Project website

b) mailing lists
- a unified "v4l-dvb-user" mailing list
- a "v4l-dvb-devel" mailing list
- hosted on either linuxtv.org or vger  ... (I know nothing about vger,
but obviously it stands in high regards by you guys, so it sounds like a
good choice)

c) #irc
- a unified #v4l-dvb channel

Some questions for Michael and Mauro:
- I'm not clear from Mike's reply, but do you guys actually want to keep
two separate user lists?  If so, can you outline your reasoning for this
- it would stand to reason that you hold similarly on the matter of a
unified #irc channel? 
- lastly, Michael, you once mentioned that you were opposed to the link
to the #irc channel being featured prominently on the Linuxtv Website,
or within the wiki .... can you refresh my memory as to why you felt
this way?  As it is my opinion that this is precisely something that
should receive a prominent position in order to help facilitate discussion

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