[linux-dvb] HD over satellite? (h.264)

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 04:37:02 CET 2008

On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Florin Andrei wrote:

> The TVRHD channel on Eutelsat W2.

Ah, thank you.  TV Romania HD, uplinked in a package of domestic
TV services, and which HD service is apparently is sent encrypted.

> W2 is under horizon in my area (California) but the same network 
> currently has the TVRi channel on Galaxy 25, which can be received 

However, TVRi is the International broadcasting service of
TVRomania, and is available on many satellites, uplinked
by the likes of Globecast as part of a package of varied
services, and which has no direct connection to the domestic
broadcasts directed at Romania.

> easily by me. I assume, once their trial period is over, they will put 
> the HD channel on Galaxy 25 or other satellites.

I would not assume this.  In fact, I expect it will still
be some years before the international services of any or
many countries appear in HD worldwide.  I am not aware of
any at present (multinational commercial broadcasters are
not included).

In fact, I know of only a few international broadcasters
who have, in the last months, actually started to broadcast
in 16:9 widescreen, as opposed to merely producing some 16:9
and sending within 4:3 or cropped 14:9 in 4:3...

(As I write this, TVRi is sending a 4:3 picture containing
16:9 material, with digital graphic logo and subtitles outside
the 16:9 frame, but I haven't aimed a dish to 16E to see how the
domestic programmes look, nor have I watched the international
service regularly)

As far as whether you should invest today in DVB-S2 hardware,
I would not make a decision in your location on TVRi maybe
appearing in HD in some years, but rather, whether there
are any other S2 broadcasts you can receive and wish to
view today or soon.

A quick look at a Galaxy 25 frequency list showed no DVB-S2
transponders (but maybe I searched wrong), and I'm not
familiar with the available range of satellites you can
see halfway around the world from me and their technical
details, so I have no clue how widespread DVB-S2 is or
will be, or the FTA/encrypted situation.

hope that's useful...
barry bouwsma

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