[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV7 RT Gold

Mark Paulus mark.paulus at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Nov 11 21:45:42 CET 2008

William Melgaard wrote:
> I have a DViCO FusionHDTV7 RT Gold PCI card in my posession. To date, I cannot make it work with my AMD64 Debian (stable) box. This card is not to be confused with the Dual Express or the USB cards
> I am getting mixed answers to request for support.
> I have been told that the card is supported. I downloaded the latest Mercurial, and installed it. As far as I can tell, the FusionHDTV7 RT Gold is NOT supported by the latest Mercurial. If it is, please provide configuration instructions.
> If the RT Gold is not yet supported, what can I do to aid in providing support? I have some c programming skills, but have never dealt with a driver.
> William Melgaard
> Virginia 23666, USA

When you say, "I cannot make it work", what exactly do you mean?

Could you do some simple diagnostics, and send the output
to the list:

uname -a

lspci -v

the output of dmesg, starting immediately
after the Hard Disk discovery statements.


Have you tried to scan any multiplexes, and what kind 
of results are you seeing?

How is the card wired up, physically?

What other kind of diagnostics have you done to verify
that the card is not functional? (Have you tried it in a 
MicroShaft Winblows machine to make sure the card itself
is functional?)

It's hard to diagnose problems without some more info
as to what might be wrong...

I have a DViCO FusionHDTV5 Lite in my AMD64 Stable box,
along with several other cards (PVR-150, 
Avermedia A180 QAM, Air2PC SkyStar2 ATSC).  I am 
running a 2.6.24 kernel from etch-and-half, but all 
my cards are functional, and play together well.
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