[linux-dvb] Remote HID device repeating keys problem [SOLVED]

Alain Kalker miki at dds.nl
Wed Nov 12 02:12:56 CET 2008

#include <latenightdisclaimer.h>

Op woensdag 12-11-2008 om 01:39 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Alain
> When I was testing my patch to support the Digittrade DVB-T USB Stick
> remote, I experienced a problem with remote keys repeating until I hit a
> key on the keyboard, similar to the problem with the Nova-T-500 remote.
> My guess that it had something to do with the additional HID device the
> stick registers for the remote turned out to be right.
> I created the file /etc/modprobe.d/usbhid containing:
> options usbhid quirks=0x15a4:0x9016:0x4

options usbhid quirks=0x<VendorID>:0x<ProductID>:0x4

> to have the usbhid module ignore the HID device on the stick completely.
> After running 'sudo update-initrd -u' and rebooting: no more key

That should be 'sudo update-initramfs -u' (or whatever your distro uses
to update the kernel initramfs).
Reason you need to do this: the usbhid module gets loaded very early in
the boot process (to service USB keyboards), so the module options need
to be in the initrd, not just the root partition.


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