[linux-dvb] TT3200/VDR 1.7.0/Streamdev running with S2API?

jean-paul at goedee.nl jean-paul at goedee.nl
Wed Nov 12 15:21:14 CET 2008


What doe I need to make TT3200/VDR 1.7.0/Streamdev running with  
S2API?. This moment I using TT3200 with Multiproto drivers from Manu  
and it running well but I know it will change  in the future.

I have trying to make it running with S2 drivers from  
http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/s2-liplianin/ en vdr with some  
patches but not a success.

HDTV only with TS and SDTV with PES. Does someone have it working?



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