[linux-dvb] S2API, TT S2-3200, getstream

SKOČDOPOLE Tomáš hoppik at centrum.cz
Sat Nov 15 01:03:50 CET 2008


I have got a TT S2-3200 card, kernel version 2.6.27. 
Now I am trying S2API drivers from Igor M. Liplianin - compiled without any problems.

I have compiled latest getstream too. It works fine with DVB-S channels (I tested 4 channels this time).
I want to try DVB-S2 channels too, but after run getstream I give this error message:
 2008-11-15 00:37:32.189 fe: Adapter 0 is an DVB-S card - config is not for DVB-S

I use same configuration file when I have old drivers - it was without any problems. 
So I think conf. file should be written without errors.

I have parabola directed to 23.5E, so I could try locking on some channels and scan-s2 utility.
Are there (23.5) any problematic channels?

Regards, Thomas

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