[linux-dvb] DigitalNow TinyTwin second tuner support

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 02:13:12 CET 2008

2008/11/16 Antti Palosaari <crope at iki.fi>:
> Did you re-plug stick?

I'm using Mythbuntu 8.04.  I created a file /etc/modprobe.d/dvb
containing 'options dvb-usb-af9015 dual_mode=1' and rebooted.

This gives the errors described before.

I have now just done the process 'manually', including re-plugging the
stick.  The 'extra' adapter is recognised by myth, but attempting to
record with it yields nothing on one channel (Myth complains that it
can't find the file for the recording) and unviewable video on the

So not a lot of joy.  :-(



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