[linux-dvb] [PATCH 5/5] Siano's SMS core system upgrade

BOUWSMA Barry freebeer.bouwsma at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 13:03:08 CET 2008

Hello Uri, and thanks for all the patches!

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Uri Shkolnik wrote:

> This patch provides the following:

Part of this patch appears to give problems, thanks to the
use of 8-bit characters in the original smscoreapi.h file.

This may be made worse for me by my use of UTF8 encoding
and possibly by data getting massaged by my mailer in ways
that I do not know about.  I haven't tried to solve that,
as it would require thinking an' stuff.  Anyway:

The part of the patch which failed for me appears to be
limited to whitespace cleanup surrounding these lines
(cut and pasted here):

-       u8              FirmwareId; /* 0xFF ??? ROM, otherwise the
-                                    * value indicated by
-                                    * SMSHOSTLIB_DEVICE_MODES_E */

+       u8 FirmwareId;          /* 0xFF ??? ROM, otherwise the
+                                * value indicated by
+                                * SMSHOSTLIB_DEVICE_MODES_E */

The original source file which I have contains three
bytes with 8th-bit-set where they are shown above as
`???'.  The original file passed through `hd' gives
00000030  64 3b 20 2f 2a 20 30 78  46 46 20 ef bf bd 20 52  |d; /* 0xFF ... R|
A quick google search shows this could be `U+FFFD' which
is `REPLACEMENT CHARACTER' -- which means nothing to me,
nor is displayed in my fonts, but it might be meaningful
to someone else here.

Since I don't know how to preserve the intended meaning
of the original author, I'll just suggest that if
anyone runs into this problem and wants a quick workaround,
to edit beforehand the original smscoreapi.h file, search
for `ROM', and replace the above series of 8-bit or single
UTF8 character(s) with the series of three ASCII `?'
question marks, then the patch should apply.

Whereupon the above character can be restored or replaced
with an ASCII-equivalent to preserve its original meaning.

Just a FYI for anyone else.

barry bouwsma

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