[linux-dvb] Re : Status of TT 3200 S2 card and Mythtv

Emmanuel ALLAUD eallaud at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 21 22:23:27 CET 2008

Le 20.11.2008 08:05:07, Michael J. Curtis a écrit :
> Hi all
> Many thanks to all those who contribute to this list ...........but 
> as
> a keen linux user I need help in understanding where we are at in
> respect of a working HD system with the TT3200 S2 card and then, is
> Mythtv working with the required drivers?
> I do realize that this is not really the correct forum for discussing
> mythtv but I am certain there are other like me who are struggling
> with getting a Mythtv system up and running with this card

Well here it works with mythtv and AstonCrypt CAM (can decode 2 streams 
simultaneously). The only problem is that some transponders can not be 
tuned to (this seems to be highly dependent of location, some people 
have no problem).

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