[linux-dvb] Distorted analog sound when using an HVR-3000

Darron Broad darron at kewl.org
Sat Nov 22 00:31:27 CET 2008

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>On 11/21/08, Eduard Huguet <eduardhc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for your info. I'll give it a test next Monday and post here the
>> results.
>> Best regards,
>>   Eduard Huguet
>> 2008/11/21 Darron Broad <darron at kewl.org>
>>> In message <617be8890811210115x46b99879l7b78fcf7a1d59357 at mail.gmail.com>,
>>> "Eduard Huguet" wrote:
>>> LO
>>> >Hi,
>>> >    I'm testing a Hauppauge HVR-3000 for its use with MythTV, and I'm
>>> >observing that I have a completely distorted sound when using any of the
>>> >analog inputs (TV, S-Video or Composite). The sound is completely
>>> > crackly,
>>> >not understanble at all, just noise. I've teste 2 different cards, so I'm
>>> >pretty sure it's not a "faulty card" issue.
>>> >
>>> >This happens both in MythTV or when using directly mplayer to capture
>>> video
>>> >& audio.
>>> >
>>> >I'm using an up-to-date HG DVB repository.
>>> There are some known problem with cards using the WM8775 codec.
>>> Use this repo here:
>>>        http://hg.kewl.org/v4l-dvb/
>>> It changes how the WM8775 operates and you will be able to
>>> control the input levels using v4l2-ctl.
>>> Please tell me if this solves your problems.
>>> Good luck
>>> --
>>>  // /
>>> {:)==={ Darron Broad <darron at kewl.org>
>>>  \\ \
>hi there, just wanted to pop in and inform that audio finally works
>perfectly on hvr-1300 with analog tv antenna input (europe, poland,
>PAL-DK) when using drivers from that branch.

Ok good news. Thanks for sharing this information.

>i still have to do the  arecord | aplay trick, though. (

This isn't so much a trick as more a requirement. AFAIK tvtime
only adjusts the audio level of your sound card and doesn't
actually sample audio and play it back.

>mixer control does not seem to be working with tvtime, but i can still
>use the audio card on my box - so no big problem here.

You could alternatively use mplayer to view TV.
See under Audio/Video capture here:

BTW, don't try to tune TV with mplayer on the MPEG device node
as it will produce an OOPS.

MPEG tv playback and capture should also work now in MYTHTV. At
least it does for me.

>i'll test s-video later with playstation2, but i think things are
>finally looking quite good for hvr-1300 linux users ;-)

It should work okay. This is the kind of thing I have tested except
in my case with an ancient commodore PLUS/4 and not a PS2 :-) 



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