[linux-dvb] cx88 IRQ loop runaway

Darron Broad darron at kewl.org
Sat Nov 22 04:15:48 CET 2008

In message <1227322200.3602.17.camel at palomino.walls.org>, Andy Walls wrote:


>On Fri, 2008-11-21 at 15:11 -0600, Vanessa Ezekowitz wrote:
>> I'm not sure whose 'department' this is, so I'm sending this email to
>> the v4l/dvb lists...
>> About a week ago, my machine started locking up randomly.  Eventually
>> figured out the problem and ended up replacing my dead primary SATA
>> disk with a couple of older IDE disks.  A reinstall of Ubuntu Hardy,
>> and a couple of days of the usual setup and personalizing tweaks
>> later, my system is back up and running.  
>> There is still one other SATA disk in my system and it is behaving
>> normally.  While adding the replacement disks, I moved it to the port
>> formerly occupied by the dead disk.
>> My system, for reasons beyond my understanding, insists on sharing
>> IRQ's among the various PCI devices, despite my explicit settings in
>> the BIOS to assign fixed IRQ's to my PCI slots.   One of those IRQ's
>> is being shared between my capture card and SATA controller.
>> Normally, this would not be an issue, but I seem to have found a nasty
>> bug in the cx88xx driver.
>I'm not so sure about that (see below), but you have found a nasty
>problem with your system I think.
>> Without trying to use my capture card at all, every time I access the
>> other SATA disk in my system, the cx88 driver spits out a HORRENDOUS
>> number of weird messages, filling my system logs so fast that after
>> two days, I'd used over 6 GB just in the few logs that sysklogd
>> generates.
>Every time the sata controller generates an interrupt, the kernel calls
>the IRQ handler routines sharing that interrupt.  Your cx88 driver
>*always* thinks it has interrupts to service - but it actually doesn't.
>Note how many of the dumped registers are '0xffffffff' including the
>'irq aud' interrupt status register:
>> Nov 21 01:59:12 rainbird kernel: cx88[0]: irq aud [0xffffffff] dn_risci1* up_risci1* rds_dn_risc1* 3* dn_risci2* up_risci2* rds_dn_risc2* 7* dnf_of* u
>pf_uf* rds_dnf_uf* 11* dn_sync* up_sync* rds_dn_sync* 15* opc_err* par_err* rip_err* pci_abort* ber_irq* mchg_irq* 22* 23* 24* 25* 26* 27* 28* 29* 30* 3
>A 0xffffffff is likely not a real interrupt status, but a PCI bus read
>error, for which the PCI-PCI bridge or Host-PCI bridge returns the all
>ones value.  The interrupt handler sees every possible interrupt that it
>could be interested in as having occurred and likely tries to process
>them.  The further PCI MMIO accesses are also failing as evinced by all
>the 0xffffffff values being dumped.

This is a good point. Elsewhere I have seen exactly this kind of
all ones error within an IRQ when pulling a running cardbus device
from a system. 

The recommendation to remove the card and reseat it would appear
to be a sensible 1st step.



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