[linux-dvb] Nova/dib0700/i2C write failed

Holger Rusch holger at rusch.name
Mon Nov 24 12:04:35 CET 2008


jon bird schrieb:
> Just to provide a bit more info on what seems to be an ongoing issue
> with these devices, I updated my kernel (2.6.26) dvb drivers with a
> snapshot from here on 19/11/08 (v4l-dvb-5dc4a6b381f6), it has 
> marginally improved the behaviour but only slightly. Previously, 
> sporadic 'usb 1-4: USB disconnect, address 2' followed by 'mt2060 I2C
> write failed' cropping up generally put the khubd into a spin with 
> repeated messages of the form:

... are you sure that it is not a problem of the usb ports?

I got an MB with SB700 Chipset and it seems to have the same problems as
the SB600 with the USB ports (disconnects here and then).

I use a
which is nearly the same as the Nova.

Now my system got a NEC-Chip USB PCIcard and everything works fine with
the Cinergy connected there.

Iam using Debian 2.6.26-1 on lenny with v4l out of the hg.

The Board is an Asrock Fulldisplayport.

It didnt work with the onboard USB last time i checked about 4 days ago.

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