[linux-dvb] pinnacle 310i doesn't works very well

kevinlux - kevinlux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 20:56:51 CET 2008

Hi all,
i'm talking about this tv tuner card : My Cinema-P7131 Hybrid

I'm sorry but i have to confirm that both cards (the asus  p7131 and
pinnacle 310i ) stilii not working correctly with the last mercurial
(also in analog mode).
Otherwise i also have an usb Pinnacle dvb stick that works perfecty
under win and linux (with the driver em28xx from mcentral.de
(http://mcentral.de/hg/~mrec/v4l-dvb-kernel)). If there's something
that i can do (testing and something like that) don't esitate to
ask... you will be welcome.
Best regards and thanks


2008/11/23, hermann pitton <hermann-pitton at arcor.de>:

> Kevin, I saw your previous post, but I can't test on something like the
>  310i with tda827x_config/tuner_config = 1 and I was waiting for some
>  confirmation. Maybe someone on the video4linux-list can test on it.
>  Which of the P7131 Dual cards you have. The Dual Hybrid with LNA ?
>  This one uses tda827x/tuner config = 2.
>  This configuration I can test on the recently added Asus Tiger 3in1.
>  We partly have heavy snowfall currently, but on the same DVB-T RF feed,
>  with the most critical transponder for me in upper UHF, an Asus Tiger
>  Revision 1 fails completely, too many errors, on a Medion Quad mplayer
>  starts, but picture and sound are totally distorted and unusable
>  currently.
>  On the Tiger 3in1 almost all is fine, except some rare small artifacts
>  from time to time. That means the LNA works for sure.
>  The same goes for analog TV. It is easy to recognize if the LNA is
>  active, since else sync issues after channel switching, a black bar
>  passes the screen for a while and also some slight audio issues. Others
>  reported sometimes flashing picture and humming noise on analog without
>  correctly configured LNA.
>  "hg head" on this machine is:
>  changeset:   9575:d5e211683345
>  tag:         tip
>  parent:      9573:1251a4091b89
>  parent:      9574:2ab0045eb27b
>  user:        Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab at redhat.com>
>  date:        Tue Nov 11 07:42:37 2008 -0200
>  summary:     merge: http://www.linuxtv.org/hg/~hverkuil/v4l-dvb-backport
>  We are only 4 days apart, if LNA config = 2 should be broken at all
>  later.
>  ---
>  Few minutes later with the current v4l-dvb installed on that one.
>  Sorry, I seem not to be able to confirm your observation, at least the
>  Asus Tiger 3in1 is still fine on that critical transponder.
>  If I change the LNA config to 0, mplayer fails to start with only three
>  good and 27 bad packages. Means for me the LNA works for sure.
>  Cheers,
> Hermann

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