[linux-dvb] TT3200 revisions - 0702 works, 0708 not in S2

Kovacs Balazs basq at bitklub.hu
Tue Nov 25 17:37:59 CET 2008

Today I had an interesting experience:

  I wrote about i was not able to lock on Amos4.0W 10723V, 10759V and 10842V S2 transponders with my TT3200 card. 

Fortunately on the first weeks of November Igor patched the s2-liplianin tree, and everything worked.

Now i got a new revision of TT3200 card, it has another text below the input box (where you attach the antenna cable). THe previous cards was 0702 text and the newer ones with 0708 title.

My problem is the newer cards won't work anymore. I pulled the latest s2liplianin but doesn't help. V4L-DVB drivers doesn't work with this newer cards, unable to lock on these transponders. :(

The older cards with 0702 locks properly...

help me,


Balazs Kovacs

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