[linux-dvb] EC168

Tanguy Pruvot tanguy.pruvot at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 03:03:46 CET 2008

>> Jáchym Lukeš wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > would it be possible for somebody to make Linux driver for EC168 chipset
>> > based USB DVB-T dongles? They are very common and affordable, I think
>> > that it would be a great thing for Linux community. This could bring
>> > digital TV to many people's desktops!
>> Yes, those are very common. I think there is no developer who has for
>> this device and reverse-engineering demodulator is real pain.

> I'm developer, but new one in linux...

> I've   another  dvb  key  with  EC168  and  i've wrote a tool based on
> libusb to upload firmware... the led of the key is lighting...

> But  i  have  difficulties  to  repeat  this  in  a  driver... for the
> moment...

  I found these USB requests... for usb_control_message()

#define CMD_EC168_RAM       0x00 //RW- Read/Write RAM (Firmware go to addr 0-0x1EFF)
#define CMD_EC168_GETSTATUS 0x01 //R-- ex: dfu_ctrl_get(device,0x01,0x0000,0x01A0,buffer,0x1A);
#define CMD_EC168_STREAM    0x03 //R-X ex: dfu_ctrl(device,0x03,0/0x20,0xFF00);
                                 //    disable/enable streaming 
#define CMD_EC168_SET_POWER 0x04 //--X ex: dfu_ctrl(device,0x04,0/1,0x0008);
                                 //    disable/enable LED
                                 //    indexes seen: 206,208,8,9,A,B
#define CMD_EC168_UNKNOWN   0x10 //--X ???
#define CMD_EC168_READ_BUF  0x20 //R-- ex: dfu_ctrl_get(device,0x20,0x0000,0x01A0,buffer,0x1A); 
#define CMD_EC168_WRITE_BUF 0x21 //-W- 
#define CMD_EC168_SET       0x30 //--X ex: dfu_ctrl(device, 0x30, 0x0709, 0x1A);

R Read Buffer
W Write Buffer
X Set Value/Exec (without buffer)

Updated http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/E3C_EC168#Uploading_Firmware_to_the_device

The first USB request (0x00) can set/get the RAM...  so we can
compare/check uploaded firmware

Hope  to find some docs on the EC168/firmware asm language... could be
nice to reverse it to understand available features...

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