[linux-dvb] Nova/dib0700/i2C write failed

Holger Rusch holger at rusch.name
Fri Nov 28 17:15:01 CET 2008

jon bird schrieb:
>> On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 09:48 +0100, Holger Rusch wrote:
>>  As written before.
>>  I got an MB with SB700 USB Chipset and it seems to have the same
>>  problems as the SB600 with the USB ports (disconnects here and
>>  then).
>>  The SB400 seems to have them also?


> so could be the same chipset as on your PCI card but it's not an SBxxx 
> chipset. If it *is* the controller mind you would expect it to be 
> susceptible to all sorts of USB devices not just this one.

There are reviews of my MB (Asrock Displayport) which write about slow 
speed results for the usb ports. Maybe there are other problems, i didnt 
see any when using an external USB HD but the speed, which is not on the 
top possible end.

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