[linux-dvb] Winfast TV2000XP Global sound problem (white noise)

Szathmári Gábor gszathmari at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 20:31:07 CET 2008

Dear all,

Recently I bought a 'Winfast TV2000XP Global' tuner card.
Almost everything works with the latest kernel:
the picture is brilliant, I can tune all of the stations, but I have
white noise (like an untuned channel) instead of proper sound.

I use the the cx88xx module with these options:
options cx88xx card=61 tuner=71
I created the xc3028-v27.fw firmware and copied into /lib/firmware also.

I live in Hungary, and the TV system here is PAL-BG

Thank you in advance.

Szathmári Gábor
gszathmari at gmail.com

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