[linux-dvb] how can i turn lnb power off?

Jordi Molse jordi.moles at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 19:13:58 CET 2008


I'm sorry if this has nothing to do with the linux-dvb projecte at all 
and only with kaffeine itself, but I've been googling for some days now 
and trying any possible "fix" I've come across. No luck so far.

The thing is... where i live, a block of flats there's a collective dish 
for all the neighbours, so... whenever i want to search for channels I 
have to say to the receiver to turn the lnb power off. I've been using 
different software in windows platforms for some time, and they all have 
this feature.
Now i'm struggling with kaffeine because i don't see that option and it 
won't find anything.

how can i solve this issue? unfortunately, setting a new dish only for 
me is not an option.

has anyone else faced this problem with kaffeine?

my card is lifeview fly-dvb pci trio.


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