[linux-dvb] Multiproto+SkystarHD-very slow decoding

Gasiu gasiu at konto.pl
Sun Sep 7 16:21:34 CEST 2008

I use SkyStar HD + SkyStar HD CI Slot + Aston v2.18 + Cyfra+ 
(Poland)(Seca) + Multiproto + Old-Api Patch + Kaffeine, and I've got a 
strange problem - on some freq. decoding doesn't work fine - I must wait 
a long time (up to 30min.) to watch program :-( - for example:

Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 10719.00 V - MINIMINI
Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 11278.36 V - HBO, HBO2, HBO Commedy

and on others freq. everything works fine and fast - for example:

Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 10892.00 H  - Canal+ Polska,TVP1
Hotbird 7A (13.0E) - 11393.44 V  - TVN, TVN24

logs from kaffeine on HBO:

Tuning to: HBO / autocount: 3
Using DVB device 0:0 "STB0899 Multistandard"
tuning DVB-S to 10719000 v 27500000
inv:2 fecH:3
DiSEqC: switch pos 0, 13V, loband (index 0)
DiSEqC: e0 10 38 f0 00 00
CamThread: started
CamThread: just using the first cam slot
PmtThread: started
dvbEvents 0:0 started
Tuning delay: 469 ms
pipe opened
demux_wavpack: (open_wv_file:127) open_wv_file: non-seekable inputs 
aren't supported yet.
xine pipe opened /home/gasiu/.kaxtv1.ts
CamThread: cam 0 is ready
CamThread: LLCI cam slot detected
en50221_tl_handle_sb: Received T_SB for connection not in T_STATE_ACTIVE 
from module on slot 00

CamThread: [warning] polling the stack failed

 >>>> after 15 min. !!!!!!!!!!!

PmtThread: new pmt received
PmtThread: stopped
CamThread: pmt sent to cam

Can You tell me what's wrong?


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