[linux-dvb] Multiproto API/Driver Update

barry bouwsma free_beer_for_all at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 14 17:14:18 CEST 2008

--- On Sun, 9/14/08, Steven Toth <stoth at linuxtv.org> wrote:

> is that the BSD folks can't port the GPL license into BSD because it's 
> not compatible.

I don't want to see any religious war here (trimmed to dvb
list), but...

There is GPL code distributed as part of *BSD sources,
as you can see by reading the licensing in, for example,
$ ls /lost+found/CVSUP/BSD/FreeBSD.cvs/src/sys/gnu/dev/sound/pci/
Attic       emu10k1-alsa.h,v  maestro3_reg.h,v  p17v-alsa.h,v
csaimg.h,v  maestro3_dsp.h,v  p16v-alsa.h,v

> I owe it to myself to spend somehime reading the BSD licencing. Maybe 
> the GPL is compatible with BSD.

It all depends on the intended use -- whether for optional
kernel components as above.  In the distributions, though,
it's kept separated.

It's also possible to dual-licence source, and I see a good
number of such files in NetBSD under, as an example,

There will be plenty of misinformation and FUD about which
licensing is better, and I don't want to hear any more such.
Or debates.  Or evangelism.  Or anything.

The different BSDen will handle GPLed code differently.

(By the way, it is possible to completely build NetBSD from
within Linux, though the DVB code hasn't been merged as of
this morning my time, if someone with *BSD familiarity here
wants to think about considering maybe playing with it later
sometime, perhaps, maybe)

barry bouwsma


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