[linux-dvb] [RFC] cinergyT2 rework final review

Thierry Merle thierry.merle at free.fr
Fri Sep 19 14:34:50 CEST 2008

> Patrick Boettcher wrote:
>> Hi Thierry,
>> On Fri, 19 Sep 2008, Thierry Merle wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> About the rework from Tomi Orava I stored here:
>>> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~tmerle/cinergyT2
>>> since there seems to be no bug declared with this driver by testers (I
>>> tested this driver on AMD/Intel/ARM platforms for months), it is time
>>> for
>>> action.
>>> If I receive no problem report before 19th of October (in one month), I
>>> will push this driver into mainline.
>> Are you really sure you want to wait until October 19 with that? You
>> heard
>> Jonathan this morning, he is expecting a new release every day now, so
>> the
>> merge window will start quite soon. Maybe it would be better to shorten
>> your deadline in favour of having the driver in-tree for 2.6.28. When it
>> is inside it is still possible for at least 1.5 months to fix occuring
>> problems.
> Agreed, shorten and aim for 2.6.28 - especially if you've already done a
> significant amount of personal testing.
> - Steve
OK. In my mind this patch was not a priority and some users reported bugs
but we don't have any news from their part. Maybe buggy users :)
I will wait just a little at least from Tomi and send a pull request to
Mauro within the middle of the next week.


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