[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] DVB API improvements

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 17:12:33 CEST 2008

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Douglas Schilling Landgraf
<dougsland at gmail.com> wrote:
> The linuxtv developers that were at LPC represent about 60% of the
> number of patches for the core and device drivers that were committed
> over the last year to the development tree. Are you really sure about
> your above comment?


> "VDR", if you are *really* interested in v4l/dvb stuffs why I don't see
> you in plumbers conference to understand your point of view and
> discuss which API is better?

There are many people who would've liked to attend the conference had
they been able to either in terms of time to do so, financially, or
both.  It's very ignorant to assume people who weren't able to make it
aren't "*really* interested in v4l/dvb stuffs".

> So, could you give a break to all developers that are working
> hard and stop your dirty game?

I'm honest, and unlike some people, I have no personal or financial
interest in what happens, therefore I'm someone who has no need to
play any "dirty game".  My criticisms have no been directed towards
"all the developers that are working hard", they have been mostly
aimed towards Mauro.  I have absolutely nothing personal against him.
I don't dislike him or even know him on a personal level.  However, to
think he has been a successful maintainer is absurd.  He has been
directly responsible for driving good people away.  People that the
dvb community can't afford to lose.  I see no reason to ignore the
truth.  I guess because of what I stated earlier in this paragraph...
I don't need to hide the truth because I have no personal or financial

Regardless of this api mess (which I accept either way), there are
many people who are unhappy with Mauro Chehab as dvb maintainer and
have been for some time.  I suspect more of this will become public
since things have finally reached a point of enough-is-enough.


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