[linux-dvb] Dvico dual digital express - Poor tuner

Glenn McGrath glenn.l.mcgrath at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 14:20:19 CEST 2008

How did you generate your channels.conf ?

Ive started working on a new app called utuner
(http://gna.org/projects/utuner) it attempts to generate the initial
tuning data that is input to scan, similar to w_scan.

If you want to give it a try id appreciate some feedback, its only a
few weeks old and i dont think anyone except me has tried it.

It uses a frequency table to isolate what frequency bands to test, it
works by looking for the shoulders of firstly the carrier and then the
lock band.

Example of usage is

dtv-scan -t <some path>/channels/Australia.center generated-initial-tuning-data

If you dont have a frequency table it will scan the entire spectrum
that the card can go to, it uses a step of 500kHz to detect a carrier
and a card might have a range of 500MHz, so it means it has to take
about 2500 samples this way, currently it takes multiple samples, one
every 500ms or so and or's them to overcome inconsistent signals. This
means it can take 2 hours to do a complete scan, this is a long time,
but its faster than the week it took me to work it out... and it can
be greatly reduced by having a frequency table of authorized broadcast
bands (such as i have done for australia) for different

There are a few other utilities that i have used for testing my card
in there as well.


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