[linux-dvb] TechniSat CableStar HD2 & CAM

Tomas Drajsajtl linux-dvb at drajsajtl.cz
Tue Jan 13 13:12:07 CET 2009

Ahoj Ludku,

I have the same card and the same problem. It was already reported to the
forum and to Manu, the author of mantis driver. As I understood the
VP-2033/VP-2040 based cards CI/CAM is not supported yet.
See e.g.

So I bought TT C-1501 Budget card from dvbshop.net and I wish to Manu to get
VP-2040 CAM working soon. Then I can use the CableStar TV tuner as the
second card to stream more channels at home. You know, when my son watches
JimJam I cannot watch Discovery. ;-)


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> Hi,
> I've problem with TechniCrypt CAM inserted on my TechniSat CableStar HD2
>   (DVB-C card) with current mantis driver. I'm able to watch FTA
> channels only :-(  As I read this list I'm afraid that CAM modules with
> this card is not supported yet. Does anyone get this card with CAM

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