[linux-dvb] KNC1

Tomas Drajsajtl linux-dvb at drajsajtl.cz
Wed Mar 11 00:26:52 CET 2009

Hi Rasmus,
the VLC media player records programs for me perfectly from the command
line. If you have problems to give the correct options to it, don't hesitate
to ask.


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Subject: [linux-dvb] KNC1

> Hi,
> I've got some problems getting my KNC1 DVB-C working correctly.
> The card is found correctly as
> My problem is that I want to record tv from the consol (I'm working on
> script that can record television and expose it thru mediatomb to be
> played on my PS3), and Kaffeine does not run without its UI.
> The problem is also there when using zap and dvbstreamer. I have not yet
> tried mythtv or vdr, since I was hoping for a simpler solution using
> gnutv or similar software to just dump the stream to disk (decrypted
> ofcourse).
> I hope somebody might now what the problem could be..
> Regards,
> Rasmus Pedersen

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