[linux-dvb] Questions before buying DVB card

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Hello dehqan,

Basically S650 & S660 have the same feature except:

-  CAN Tuner (Conexant chips inside)
- Metal Case
- Loop-through connector

- Silicon tuner (Montage chips)
-Plastic Housing
-Single Connector

S660 is replacing S650 gradually.
Montage chips consume much less power than Conexant.
So S660 runs much cooler than S650; we feel very confident in using plastic housing. 
Working temperature (S650: 55 degree v.s. S660: under 40 degree)
S660 has auto power off feature (Stop providing power to LNB when application software stops)

S660 has the same linux driver as S470 PCIE card supporting kernel 2.6.30 & 2.6.31

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  In The Name Of God The compassionate merciful


  1- What is The best  USB DVB-s/s2 card that works fine in Linux .
  2- Has Tevii (usb dvb) S660 card been tested in Linux  ?if yes in which kernel and distro ? In wiki just s650 is mentioed .
  3- What are differences between s650 and s660 cards ?

  Regards dehqan


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