[linux-dvb] Pinnacle HDTV Pro stick and Ubuntu 10.04

guzowskip at linuxmail.org guzowskip at linuxmail.org
Tue May 11 13:52:02 CEST 2010

 Greetings to all,

The members of this forum, particularly Devin Heitmueller, were a great deal of help to me previously with this piece of hardware.  I have been happily watching analog TV channel 3 fed from my cable company's set top box using mPlayer called from the command line.  Now with Ubuntu 10.04 it no longer works even with the same firmware installed as before.  I think I read somewhere that analog is no longer supported.  I would be happy, make that even happier, if I could get the thing to tune anything directly from the digital signal my cable company (Brighthouse Networks) provides on it's cable.  I have tried scanning with all the parameters available in Kaffeine but no luck.

Can anyone give me any further hints for how to proceed?  Thanks in advance.

Paul in NW Florida


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