[linux-dvb] gnutv: move channel_name to flag to allow piped output

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Sun Nov 28 13:39:32 CET 2010

On Sunday 28 November 2010 05:42:21 David Liontooth wrote:
> I need to capture ATSC QAM closed captioning to file, and at the same 
> time the mpeg-ts stream to a different file. I've been looking for an 
> app that will let me do this.
> A simple cat works:
>   cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 | tee $FIL.mpg | zvbi-atsc-cc --atsc -m -C 
> $FIL.txt -T KCBS
> But there is naturally no tuner or timer in cat, so closing the 
> processes at the end of the recording is a hassle; there may be other 
> issues cat doesn't handle optimally. I looked around and found gnutv in 
> the dvb-apps project.
> gnutv is actively maintained, tunes ATSC QAM-256, handles individual 
> channels well, and has a timer -- but it has a small, show-stopper problem.
> gnutv mandates that the channel name be placed at the end of the user 
> input. There is a great -out stdout option, but you can't use it to 
> pipe, since the channel name has to be placed afterwards.
> I suggest we move the channel name into a flag, like the other user 
> values, so that we can pipe the output like this:
>   gnutv -adapter 0 -channel_list ~/.azap/channels.conf -timeout 10 
> -channel_name  KCBS \
>   -out stdout | tee $FIL.mpg | zvbi-atsc-cc --atsc -T -9 $FIL.txt -n KCBS
> With a simple patch against the today's mercurial tree, as below, this 
> works great. For clarity, I renamed channels to channels_list; I'll be 
> happy to remove that change if it breaks too many scripts. I don't know 
> how to make the change to channel_name so that it's backwardly 
> compatible, but maybe we don't need to.

Hm, I do not understand, why it might be a problem to have the channel
name as the last parameter.

What happens if you try
  gnutv -adapter 0 -channels ~/.azap/channels.conf -timeout 10 -out stdout KCBS | tee $FIL.mpg | zvbi-atsc-cc --atsc -T -9 $FIL.txt -n KCBS
with an unpatched gnutv?


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