[linux-dvb] Ati tv wonder 650 pci

jmor9651 at gmail.com jmor9651 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 13:39:55 CET 2011

Hello !

I have been searching for info on the Samsung TECC1149FG01A tuner chip used in my tv wonder 650 pci for a long time now.

I have found the following so far 

1st I found that the manufactur was SEM , then after a lot of conversion of chinese pages into english I found that it was made by EMC.

It is referred to as 8 BIT MCU 1K ROM QTP - I don't know what that means maybe someone would know.  It also has the following in the translation - {Rowe Price (SWPH3A3.CDS)}

Using SWPH3A3.CDS i get to the line below.

EMC part number is Q8156E-PSA03P.  According to what i have found it seems this chip is from a chinese manufacturer.

Maybe  this will help someone extend the knowledge we have on this card.

Jeff M
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