[linuxtv-cvs] dvb-kernel-v4

Michael Hunold via CVS hunold at linuxtv.org
Mon Aug 29 17:11:33 CEST 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/linuxtv
Module name:	dvb-kernel-v4
Changes by:	hunold	20050829 17:11:33

Modified files:
	apps/test      : Makefile 
	build-2.6      : Kbuild 
	linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-core: audio.c debug.h demux.c 
	                                  frontend.c memory-input.c 
	                                  vbi.c video.c 
	linux/include/linux/dvb: audio.h demux.h 
	linux/include/media/dvb: audio.h compat.h demux.h device.h 
	                         frontend.h memory-input.h sw-demux.h 
	                         sw-recording.h vbi.h video.h 

Log message:
API changes:

remove the possibility to read() from a recording filter. reasons: 1) it's not possible
to write() to a memory input either, 2) using mmap() is much more effective because
it does not use a memcpy(), but is a little more complicated to use

- add new play state DVB_AUDIO_PAUSED

Internal dvb-core changes:

- revamp the filter handling logic: when the controlling demux open is closed,
make sure to wake up all waiting filter opens and shut down filters properly
- in order to be able to do this, use a common basis for all demux filters with
a common waitqueue and a common status
- move most of the logic for poll() and read() from the hw dependent parts of
the drivers to the generic core
- remove crappy dvb_memory_from_filp() and dvb_frontend_from_filp(), replace it
with proper lookup code
- break out most ioctls to separate functions
- declare some functions static
- remove whitespace at eol
- add preliminary support for stc triggers (not finished yet)

- reformat debug messages where necessary
- follow changes in demux wrt. filter handling
- break out ioctl to separate functions (pause, resume, set_sync, ...)
and add proper sanity checks and argument checking
- follow changes in demux wrt. decoding feeds

mixer & spdif:
- initial implementation of spdif and mixer devices

- break out most ioctls to separate functions

- fix some logical erorrs wrt. frozen/playing handling
- follow changes in demux wrt. decoding feeds

- remove whitespace at eol

=> av7110 support and sw-emulation is broken again now.

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