[mpeg2] Status of the MPEX drivers?

Luca Abeni labeni at mbigroup.it
Tue Feb 15 16:56:51 CET 2005

Hi all;

I used an MPEX board without problems about one year ago, and everything
worked farirly well. (I have the version without tv tuner)

Today I needed it again, and tried to capture an MPEG2 TS using my old
2.4.23 kernel (it used to work ok) with the latest video4linux snapshot.

I notice that something changed in the /dev/video1 device, because the
program that I used to set the audio and video PIDs and bitrates
fails... Is the ioctl() interface changed?

Also, I tried to capture some audio and video using the default
parameters, but the audio is captured at a very low volume...
Is this a known problem? I never encountered it before...

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