[mpeg2] Doubts with SCR and Timing MPEG-2

Alexandre Vazquez alexandre.vazquez at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 13:24:51 CET 2008

El Tuesday 04 March 2008 04:59:57 Warren Young escribió:
> Alexandre Vazquez wrote:
> > SCR = trans_pts_dts(p->pts)-3600;
> >
> > I would know the relation between SCR and PTS/DTS

> Isn't it explained in the spec?
I've read the spec again, and I didn't find it.. If you can find it.. please 
tell me the relation between both values.. and.. how are they related... 
> > the meaning of that 3600.
> PTS is given in a 90 kHz time base, so it looks like a 40 ms fudge
> factor to me, perhaps for the purpose of A/V sync.  I suggest this
> partly because it's small, and partly because it's exactly one frame
> time in a 25 fps system.
> > I can't know the reference of that hexadecimal numbers.. in the ISO .. If
> > anyone know the meaning of that numbers , please tell me.
> Convert them to binary and study them.  Their meaning should then be
> obvious.
Thank you very much for your help 
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