[v4l-dvb-maintainer] em28xx proposal

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 28 01:40:33 CET 2007

On Tuesday 27 February 2007 23:36, Markus Rechberger wrote:
> Hi,
> I had another discussion on IRC with Marcel Siegert and Michael
> Krufky, since I do not want to spend my time with such things I think
> it's better to leave the project including the em28xx code in my
> repository.
> So the proposal of this email is moreover to remove the em28xx from
> the v4l-dvb project. at least 2 devices are broken in there currently
> and a few other ones don't work correctly (I've got plenty mails here
> of not working stuff from users which I took care about in my
> repository)
> I'd like to get the whole job done another way now by working on it
> as a completly independent part of the v4l-dvb community.
> Getting lead into wrong directions taught me alot during the last 2
> years but now that's over for me.
> Also I think it's better for everyone that I'll leave the project and
> don't bother anyone with my code anymore, I'd also prefer code
> reviews from people on the lkml think these people are more
> interested in helping out.
> Markus
> p.s. I know it's no nice email but I want to get things done in the
> end and I worked hard for it and every single change gets knocked
> down when discussing it without mentioning a serious alternative way.

OK, I probably should have my head examined for doing this: I'm willing 
to help out if you want me to. Looking from the outside it seems to me 
that it is much more a clash of personalities than actual technical 
issues. And it is such a shame to have drivers outside the kernel, it's 
hell for users (unless they're really linux-savvy).

I scanned through the diff from your v4l-dvb-kernel repo and as far as I 
can see most of what's in there can be merged without any objections 
into v4l-dvb, provided it is packaged into reviewable sized diffs.

Only anything related to the xceive tuner will have to be left out, 
there simply is no consensus at the moment. But that does not mean all 
the rest can't go in.

Now, I'm willing to do that work, basically adding in a X number of 
changes into a v4l-dvb tree, asking you to test that tree and if it 
works (at least for those devices that it supports at that stage), then 
it can be merged by Mauro and I start a new tree and add in another X 
number of patches. Repeat until done.

It's a fair amount of work, but I'm willing to do it if everyone (you, 
Mauro and Mike in particular) cooperates with me. I don't believe I've 
insulted anyone (yet :-), so I might be the right person for this job.

Well, let me know what you think.



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