[vdr] identifying advertisements

Czakó Krisztián slapic at linux.co.hu
Fri Apr 1 09:19:54 CEST 2005


I've found a really old thread about this topic (Proposal: cutting out
advertising automatically, October 2002). And nothing since that time.
Could anyone find a reliable solution?

I have one simple suggestion, but I'm not a programmer or mpeg expert,
so please tell me if it's a possible solution or not.
Most of the advertisements seems to be louder than the "normal" sound.
If you analise the sound, you'll find that it isn't louder! But if you
check, you'll find that the sound track is equilezed to sound better
(quiet sounds made louder), so that the average loudness is higher. So
the solution could be to check the average loudness of the sound stream.
Maybe a plugin can automatically check this and places cutting marks in
recordings (maybe real-time?) and/or can mute/unmute (or replace picture
with an "advertisement blocked" message) when watching the live stream.


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