[vdr] 1.3.22: memory leaks

Stefan Huelswitt s.huelswitt at gmx.de
Fri Apr 1 16:38:51 CEST 2005

On 30 Mar 2005 Daniel THOMPSON <daniel.thompson at st.com> wrote:
> Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
>> Wow, this is cool. How did you get the idea to search in that
>> direction?
> I got the idea from the reading your patch and the premise that it was 
> unlikely that there was a bug in glibc.
> Put simply I *never* blame core software like glibc or the compiler for 
> bugs unless it is proved to me. These bits of software are so widely 
> used that while blaming them is not *always* wrong it usually saves a 
> lot of time to audit your own code first. Also I've met Ulrich Drepper 
> and wouldn't want to let him catch me blaming glibc for something it 
> didn't do.

Right, I wasn't pretty sure but as I'm using an older glibc
version it might have been fixed in current version...

>> What about this?
>> if (description!=NULL && (n != 4 || isempty(description)))
> Looks fine to me. For belt and braces we should probably also assert 
> that description is NULL when we enter the call (or test it and free it).

>From my investigations, I can say that it seems to be NULL
always (I checked this, because this was my first idea for the


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